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Working with Us

BMG Consulting Inc’s success historically has come from individuals who work with us. We support our people through education, training, and development of abilities, as well as, offer an iron-clad business environment in which individuals can grow from.

Whatever your purpose of joining BMG Consulting Inc you can be guaranteed a few things:

Top-notch training and genuine support
Integrity and honesty around your payments
A system and structure to allow you to grow and excel
A reverential environment which promotes novelty and feedback at all levels

Our philosophy is to ensure that the management of the company never loses sight of the requirements that a new person joining our company needs to be successful.

Together at BMG Consulting

We are always in search of new talent to develop and advance within the company. Basically, we are looking for someone who can easily grasp the basics and ache to move forward in the company. No company is based on a single individual. It takes a team to create a global movement. Together, we work hard, we play hard and we give the best high-fives in the city.

We Love Our People

We are a people helping people business and our success is based on our ability to train individuals on a personal level. We look to train individuals with a student mentality who are eager to learn, develop new skills and grow within our company. Our 4 step development program guarantees personal development, equal opportunities and transparency.

Sales Agent (Entry level)

Responsibilities would be performing sales related activities on a day-to-day basis.

Trainer and Team Leader

You will help with the hiring process, training new recruits, and strategizing with the management to implement tools to improve office management.

Assistant manager

You will be responsible for assisting the HR team, conduct business presentations, and help run the daily office operations accordingly.

Office Manager

Basically, you will be responsible for running the office. Other responsibilities include working with the HR team to ensure the development of a better workforce, team management, financial management, and maintaining active relationships with clients to make sure expectations are being met.

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